Behind the Title

I’ve always found it interesting that the title of “mean girl” is typically applied to women, or teenage females who posses those certain qualities that make them considered “mean”, while their actual ages are far from classifying them as “girls”. The term girl diminishes a sense of authority and power, seeing as a girl is younger, less mature, and childish.

Women that are very distinguished in their fields but manage to gain the “bitch” status, and thus acquire the title of mean girl are lowered in status when the word “girl” is attached. Why is the word “girl” so often used even when the references that are made do not necessarily reflect young females?

The attitude of any “mean girl” is clearly lacking in maturity, as the “girl” is generally pompous and arrogant and apathetic towards the feelings of others. Therefore, aside from simply being seen as mean or malicious, a mean girl is also seen in a childlike light because of her behavior.

Grown women like Naomi Campbell and Janice Dickinson have certainly gained reputations for their comments and behavior that are often out of line, but by calling them mean girls, whatever they have accomplished thus far seems almost trivial as they seem less respectable. Therefore, identifying someone as a “mean girl” at all exposes them as a person of lesser character in all aspects.


~ by kblack10 on May 21, 2007.

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