Naomi Campbell: Super Mean Supermodel

Naomi campbell

Last March Naomi Campbell threw her cell phone, her Blackberry that is, at her assistant. Why?? Over a pair of jeans that her assistant, Ana Scolavino, had supposedly stolen from her. Is it really necessary for someone as glamorous, revered, and fabulous in the world of models to carry on like this?? Naomi admitted in court that she had thrown the phone, and would accept her demeaning, tragic sentence of community service. Naomi got off incredibly easily seeing as such behavior performed by anyone else would generally be classified as a a second degree felony assault In additon to her five day community service stint, Naomi had to endure a two day anger management program and pay for Scolavino’s medical treatment. This is also Naomi’s ninth alleged assualt in eight years! It is no secret that Naomi makes well beyond a six-figure salary, yet she had the nerve to apparently claim that the relatively small bail amount bestowed upon her was an insult.
Naomi has been accused of the following:
JULY 2006: Maid Amanda Brack, 20, sues for verbal and physical abuse

MARCH 2006: Campbell is charged with hitting maid Ana Scorvino, 42, with a mobile. The model denies assault Naomi on cleanup duty

2005: Actress Yvonne Scio, 37, says she was “covered in blood” after the supermodel attacked her

2004: Cops are called to Campbell’s flat after she allegedly slaps and punches maid Millicent Burton. The model says it was self-defence
2003: Aide sues after Campbell reportedly throws phone at her

2001: Campbell’s assistant Simone Craig says she was held hostage and beaten. Campbell’s lawyer denies the claim

2000: PA Vanessa Frisbee claims she was attacked by Campbell

1998: Aide Georgina Galanis sues the model for £4.5million, saying Campbell threatened to throw her from a car. Campbell admits it and undergoes anger management

Naomi Hit Me and I Loved It In retaliation to her lastest incident, Naomi decided to sport a shirt reading “Naomi hit me…and I loved it”. Not only does this completely make light of the situation and diminish its significance, italso emphasizes the idea that Naomi’s simply a self-absorbed, manipulative mean girl (well, supermodel)!




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