Don Imus: Mean BOY.

Don Imus & Al SharptonThis week’s Newsweek (April 23, 2007), titled “Race, Power, and the Media” discusses radio commentator Don Imus’ crude remarks made about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team. On his nationally broadcast radio show, Imus comments, “That’s some rough girls from Rutgers….That’s some nappy-headed hoes there, I’m going to tell you that right now.” While Imus is not exactly a girl, his behavior and personality traits summarized in the article show Imus to possess all of the personality traits typically found in a “mean girl”. And, this time, as are the comments of typical mean girls, his comments were directed towards woman. The article states, ” Like the coolest bully on the playground, the outlaw kid wanted to be seen with, Imus made his guests feel honored to be insulted by him. He tempered the abuse with just enough ego-stroking flattery to keep them coming back for more. (Those who didn’t care for his shtick either avoided him or quickly fell off the invite list)”. Imus sounds exactly like a mean girl! What had these poor girls done to evoke such unnecessary cruelty? He simply chose to lash out at a specific group because he felt that he had a certain amount of authority and power. Like many scenarios involving “mean girls”, Imus decided to comment on a women’s team that was actually succeeding at what they do, and causing no one any harm. Rutgers Womens Basketball Team

The ladies of the Rutgers team fought against the odds and made it to the Final Four, an absolutely terrific feat for a team that originally, though as in the world of the mean girls, whenever the “underdog” begins to succeed, someone feels as though it is their job to belittle them and remind them that they are beneath someone.
Imus’ comments were not only racist, but also completely demeaning to women. To refer to any group of women in the first place as “hoes” or anything of the like is despicable and uncouth, and simply emphasizes the sheer ignorance of the party making such derogatory accusations. While the act of women referring to each other as “whores, bitches, sluts, hoes”, etc has become prominent and “mainstreamed” in current society. Regardless, a man has absolutely no right to refer to any woman out of her name. I wonder, had a woman made such a comment would she too have lost her job like Imus did? Unfortunately, in the world of “mean girls”, typically there is no “resolve” to the problem, and no one gets fired for their harsh and hurtful comments.

“Rutgers Women: A Team Stands Tall”


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