I need a hot body and boy

At the beginning of the scene showing Cady’s first day of school, Cady accidentally bumps into a female classmate who responds “Talk to me again and I’ll kick your ass”, an attitude that would typically fit the idea of the “bully” Yet, that girl is not considered a mean girl; mean girls do the same amount of damage, except they typically emotionally torment their victims rather than physically. Mean girls realize their clout and status and know how to use this to their advantage. In the middle of the scene when one classmate is proclaiming her admiration for Regina George, she says, “ One time she punched me in the face….and it was awesome!” and Damian states, “evil takes a new form in Regina George. She’s the Queen Bee, a star”; all the ideals of the typical mean girl. Girls like Regina George are fully aware that they can be “life ruiners” free of consequence, seeing that they are feared and secretly envied by every single other female in their presence. The scene in which the audience is first introduced to Regina George displays her riding on the shoulders of her admiring male classmates as she makes a grand entrance to gym class. Immediately we are exposed to two key factors that play are associated with a “mean girl”: the “importance” of image and the concept of the male (and female) gaze.
In this scene and throughout the movie “Mean Girls” the idea that “thin is in” is emphasized. Regina George
Regina George and “crew” consistently display the fact that they are very weight conscious, an idea that is clearly wide-spread in society today. These ideals that the girls in the movie portray reflect the fact that body image is consistently emphasized, primarily to females, telling young women how they should strive to look in order to be “hot”. Thus, while many of the girls that idolize the “mean girls” strive to look like them, the “mean girls” themselves are submitting to the images that run rampant in “perfect body” propaganda. Society teaches girls that the perfect body is the way to attract the perfect male, and as shown by the ideal “mean girl”, attention from males is crucial to the existence of their exalted egos.
Males are displayed in the scene from the movie as having nothing but adoration for the beautiful queen of mean, completely contempt being at her service. Their gaze holds no shame, no quick glance, but fully lets the one being viewed know her power of attraction. The “mean girl” who is the object of such gaze welcomes and expects the attention, as she feels that as the “hottest girl in school” she is nothing but deserving of the affection.


~ by kblack10 on April 10, 2007.

One Response to “I need a hot body and boy”

  1. hi…i think mean girls is a really good movie and i have seen it many times! Regina George is a really mean girl although she is very pretty and has the ‘perfect body’ a lot of the girls on her school really hate her. in my school i think i am quite popular because most people know me and i get told a lot that everyone knows me!:P
    i like being popular and having a lot of friends but my schjool is really bitchy a bit like in the film ,ean girls and there are a lot of bitchy fghts between girls in my school.
    do you think there sre any ways which we could prevent this from happening?!
    thnx x0x0x0x0x0
    p.s plz reply to this

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