Fresh Meat

When you’re new at a school, you have no label, you have no place, no stigma, not even a name (until the awkwardMean Girls Cover introduction at the front of the room). All eyes are on you, devouring your physical being as that all that exists. Judgments are made. Opinions are created. And in the blink of an eye, you’ve been placed on a platform that will forever determine which group you “belong”. Don’t look down, you’re shy and cowardly. If you’re pretty but don’t smile (forget the fact that you’re nervous and know noone), you’re “such a bitch”. If you have any characteristics that might actually make you look “unique”, forget it. But if your polo’s by Lacoste, your jeans are by Seven for all mankind, you realize that according to Cosmo, pale hues are the makeup colors f the season, you have automatic mean girl potential whether you like it or not. Then again there are some cases like that of Cady in “Mean Girls” the movie in which potential can be seen in a girl wearing an oversized flannel shirt accompianied by a pretty face, one who can adhere to a mold with “work”.


Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls

Mean girls tend to look for girls that would typically be competition, and when the choice is either to develop an enemy or ally, the “mean girl” chooses to make an alliance and simply build her clan of followers. And when you’re new, like Cady, why wouldn’t you want to become friends with the prettiest, popular girls in school? And if the “original” mean girls play their cards correctly, another mean girl is then and there in the making.


~ by kblack10 on April 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “Fresh Meat”

  1. i love mean girls it just explains high school i mean not exacly but there is always the plastics in school the bitches. and then the not so popular. the new girl/boy, and of course the past alwas pops up. people are found out punishments are made aciedents happen so do crushes. My type of film.

  2. loooooooooooooooove the movie!

  3. i love means girls soo much, the first time i watched it it just reminded me of school and the way it all works. Its as if every school has a code or way if u wish and every school stickes to this way (code), and this film just shows how it all works and the wya it gos

  4. in mu school there are a lot of geeks and then a lot of popular people. i think its inmportant to be popular and known in your school. to get noticed in my school..ueither have to be pretty, a slut or good at sport!

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